Administrative Setup


  • District Administration with Deputy Commissioner as its head Monitor Co-ordinates entire development works in the interest of the people of the District.
  • District Administration maintains overall law and order with the help of Administrative Officers and the Police Force.
  • District Administration issues ILP, ST Certificates. Excise Licence, Trading Licence, M.V. Licence, Land Allotment, etc.

District Administration administers Justice through settlement of judicial cases.

In D.C’s establishment there is :-

  • 3 (three) Circle Officers,
  • Labour and Employment Officer,
  • District Art & Culture Officer,
  • District Tourism Officer,
  • Treasury Officer,
  • District Statistical Officer,
  • Political Assistant,
  • Upper Division Clerks

The latest administrative pattern of Tawang District is divided into three (3) Sub-Divisions viz-Tawang Sub-Division, Lumla Sub-Division and Jang Sub-Division. This district is comprised of ten (10) administrative centers namely Zemithang, Lumla, Dudunghar, Tawang, Kitpi, Jang, Mukto,Bongkhar,Thingbu and Lhou circle.The Deputy Commissioner being the overall in charge and District Magistrate of the district maintains law and order with the help of Administrative officers and Political officers. He also looks after the developmental activities of the district.
The Assam Frontier (Administrative of Justice) Regulation, 1945 authorizes the village councils to settle all civil matters and certain criminal matter falling within their jurisdictions. However, for all matters, the Deputy Commissioner and other administrative officers have jurisdiction under the supervision of Assam High Court who hold the Appellate and Revision Authority.
The Panchayat Raj has been introduced in the district with the North East Frontier Agency Panchayat Regulation, 1967. This Panchayat Raj consists of three (3) tier system viz-Gram Panchayat Body exist at the village lever, the Anchal Samiti at the Block or Anchal level and the Zilla Parishad operates at the district lever. The regulation provides for the effective participation of the people of in the administrative of Arunachal Pradesh through the institution set-up under the Panchayat Raj Scheme.