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Shri Lobsang Zimba DDA 9436272300

                              Agriculture is the major rural employment provider and also the sources of income of the people in the district.The Farmers mostly follow traditional method of cultivation practices which is subsistence in nature. Except  few, many of the crops they go for cultivation with local varieties which adds in low productivity.The major issues related to the sectors are mono-cropping,rainfed agriculture,low adoption of scientific cultivation practices by farmers,lack of sufficient irrigation facilities, high transportation costs of inputs,less stress on agriculture mechanisation unpredictable weather condition etc. The topography ,elevation ,slope ,drainage, rainfall, temperature, humidity, soil, ground water level etc. are the numbers of factors influencing the development of agriculture in the District.

Agro-Climatic Zone:

On Agro-climatic point of view, the district represents four agro-climatic Zones. They are:

  • Tropical Zone (0-900m).
  • Sub- Tropical Zone (901-1800m).
  • Temperate Zone (1800-3500m).
  • Alpine Zone (Above 3500m).

The Largest zone have East-West alignment.The Alpine zone is located towards the northern most part and is the largest in terms of area coverage (40.41%).The Second largest zone in terms of area coverage is temperate zone(30.03%).The Sub-Tropical and Tropical zones are the two zones with an covering area of 13.42 and 8.14 percent of the total respectively.

  • Net Sown Area:- 5170 Ha.
  • Area Sown more than once :- 1280 Ha.
  • Total Crop Area:- 6450 Ha.


The Department of Agriculture is implementing following main State Plan Scheme and Centrally sponsored Schemes at present

                State Plan Schemes:-

  • State Food Security Programme.
  • Cash Crop Development Programme.
  • Integrated Pest Management.
  • Integrated Nutrient Management (INM).
  • Agriculture Farm Mechanization Programme.

                Centrally Sponsored:-

  • NFSM (National Food Security Mission) Programme.
  • NMSA (National mission on Sustainable Agriculture) Rainfed Area Development.
  • RKVY Programme.
  • NMOOP Programme.

Staff position:

The Department is headed by Deputy Director (Agri) as the Head of the Office and is assigned to look after the Agricultural activities in the district.He is Assisted by ADOs and Other field Staffs at the Circle level.

District HQ, Tawang

  • DDA – 1.
  • ADO -2.
  • SO – 1.
  • AFA(Sr) – 4.
  • AFA(Jr) – 6.
  • UDC -2.
  • LDC – 1.
  • Driver – 6.
  • TO – 1.
  • Handyman – 1.
  • Peon – 1.
  • Massenger – 2.

Circle HQ:

  • ADO – 4.
  • AFA (Sr) – 2.
  • AFA (Jr) – 5.
  • Peon – 1.

For more Information, Contact us at

  • DDA – 9436272300.
  • ADO(Kitpi) – 8974382892.
  • ADO(Jang) – 8974366009.
  • ADO(Lumla) – 9402804075.
  • ADO(Mukto) – 8256955758.