Geology & Mining

Name Designation Phone(M)
Smti Dorjee Lhamu Assistant Mineral Development Officer 9436040899

In Tawang District, there are 3 (three ) Assistant Mineral Development Officers (AMDOs), one in Jang Sub- division, another in Lumla Sub- division and in Tawang H.Q.

Objectives of the Department:-

The main objective of the Department is to generate maximum Govt. revenue on minor minerals such as Sand, Aggregate, Boulders, Gravel etc.

The functions/ activities of the Department is :-

  • To collect revenue from the works Department/ Private Agencies and to deposit the Govt. revenue in the Govt. exchequer.
  • To identify and notify the stone and sand quarries
  • To check the unauthorized quarrying and illegal transportation of minor minerals.

Staff Position at tawang H.Q :-

  • AMDO – 1.
  • UDC – 1.
  • Mineral Guard – 8.