Education is the Yardstick to measure the level of development in any region.The Education Department of this District aims for improvement of educational standard of the people and to raise the percentage of literacy in the district.The Literacy rate of the District has increased from 47.3 percent in 2001 t 60.60 percent in 2011- census(excluding 0-6 years of age group).

The state government has attached utmost importance to the education sector and in this regard special attention has been paid to achieve universalization of education through the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan (SSA). Gross enrollment of students in the educational institutions are increased in the recent years. The Dropout rates have also fallen significantly.

As on date checks latest pics from DDSE there are 04 (Four) Higher Secondary Schools, 10 (Ten) Secondary Schools, 48(Forty Eight) Middle Schools, 72 (Seventy Two) Primary Schools belonging to the state government and 19 No’s of educational institutions other then the government of Arunachal Pradesh are functioning in the district.

The entire set-up of govt. educational institutions in the district comes under the administrative and technical control of the Deputy Director School Education with his headquarters at Tawang.

Sl.No Particular Unit Year 2017-18
1 College No 1
2 Higher Secondary School No 5
3 Secondary School No 10
4 Middle School No 50
5 Primary School No 71
6 Pre-Primary School No Nil
7 Total No. of Students Person 10236
8 Boys (Students) Person 4576
9 Girls (Students) Person 5660
10 Total No. of Teachers Person 622
11 Men (Teachers) Person 402
12 Women (Teachers) Person 220