If Shangri-La conjures up images of an earthly paradise isolated from the outside world, happy people, Buddhist chants floating in the air, and mystical monks engrossed in prayers, then Tawang is what you’re most likely thinking about. Located at a height of near about 10,000 ft above sea level, picturesque Tawang is a thinly populated mountainous tract lying on the northwest extremity of Arunachal Pradesh in north east India. It is also the seat of the 400-year-old Tawang Monastery, one of the oldest and the largest monasteries in India and the biggest outside of Lhasa.

As the birthplace of the sixth Dalai Lama, it is a holy site for Tibetan Buddhists and a prominent center for Gelug or Gelugpa, the pre-eminent Buddhist school in Tibet. Tawang shares boundaries with Tibet in the north, Bhutan in the south west and Sela range of West Kameng in the east.

All visitors need an ILP (Inner Line Permit) to enter Arunachal Pradesh. As per guidelines issued by the government of Arunachal Pradesh – “The Inner Line Permit to the casual visitor shall issue for a period of 15 days without photo on production of PRC or Election Card from native place or Indian passport or PAN or Income Tax Registration card or Driving License issued by the competent authority. The application should be recommended by an officer related to purpose of visit or other officer equivalent to the rank of Under Secretary to the Government of Arunachal Pradesh.” The Offline ILP can be collected from the Arunachal office near Commerce college in Guwahati. A Complete Guidelines for the tourist planning to visit Tawang can be downloaded by clicking here.

And while you are in  Tawang,Then this are the places that you should definitely have in your list.